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As an experienced stringer with over 8 years stringing at various tournaments across the country, I also provide a home service for restringing Badminton, Tennis and Squash racquets. Located in South Liverpool, I aim for a 24 hour turnaround on all racquet restrings. Providing I have the string in stock and not busy, I'm happy to do the racquet while you wait at no extra cost.

Michael West is a certified member of the UKRSA
(United Kingdom Racquet Stringing Association)

All stringing is done on my Babolat Star 5 machine. This same machine is used at grand slams and many international tournaments around the world.

The information section has articles on choosing a string and selecting a tension which you may find helpful. I also offer grips, shock absorbers, grommet/bumper guard replacements and stenciling. You can find all the strings available on the prices page on the left. All prices include string, labour and free stenciling. To place an order, use the Order Restring page. Please use the Contact Us if you would like some free advice or have any other general queries.

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